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Expert Opinion – EyeMC Vision Care

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion

Dr. Liu discuss the clinical considerations when prescribing combination treatments

Dr. Liu discuss the importance of establishing comprehensive baseline for reliable assessment of myopia controlling efficacy

Dr. Liu shares the updated understanding of low-dose atropine for myopia control

Dr. Liu discuss the nuances in the measurement and interpretation of axial length changes in myopia management

Dr. Liu discuss the age considerations when prescribing contact lens to control childhood myopia

Dr. Liu makes clarification on the terminology in myopia management

Dr. Liu discusses why myopia control should be mainstream in the U.S.

Dr. Liu discusses the management of adult progressive myopia

Dr. Liu shares viewpoint about the causes of global myopia epidemic

Dr. Liu argues why the RLRL therapy needs more evidence for safety for its long-term application in myopia control treatment

Dr. Liu discusses the clinical performance of customized Paragon CRT lenses in her clinical trial

Dr. Liu discusses how ocular growth profile plays a critical role in managing pediatric myopia

Dr. Liu discusses the role of MFSCL for myopia control

Dr. Liu discusses the paradigm shift of myopia management from refractive error correction to disease prevention and control

Dr. Liu discusses what can the eye care practitioners in the U.S. learn from myopia management in China

Dr. Liu discusses MiSight 1 day approval by China NMPA for axial inhibition

Dr. Liu and UC Berkeley Myopia Control Clinic, the first of its kind in a teaching institution